Leshnick Theodore Adams

哈囉 大家好!我是Ted老師,我來自陽光普照的加州,在我人生裡的前二十三年,我大部分的時間都居住在加州的洛杉磯。在我於洛杉磯加利福尼亞大學拿到歷史學位後,我兒時的好朋友邀請我搬到台灣。這個舉動聽起來非常的的戲劇化,但我的朋友向我保證台灣人都非常的有善,蔬食也很豐富,一年四季天氣都非常的舒適。果然如他所說的,尤其是天氣,很熱且有點潮濕,對於我每天的瑜珈練習幫助很大。過去的幾年我很開心在台灣當英文老師,特別是在一個外國語言如此備受重視的地方。經過我在東南亞以及印度的旅行,我看到台灣如何努力的領先,並在短短的幾個世代中,積極的英文教育已經讓台灣能夠打破邊界,將英文當成與世界接軌的工具。此外,網際網路為第二語言學習者開拓了更豐富的英文及文化資訊。我相信學習一個語言需要長時間及持續不斷的努力,母語也不例外。在我閒暇的時間裡,我喜歡閱讀及寫作虛擬故事,讓我能繼續充實表達我的英文。有著我的熱情及精力,我非常期待能夠在全台最高標準的兒童語言學習機構教授英文。我們課堂上見!

My name’s Ted from the sunny state of California. I called LA my home for the bulk of my first 23 years on Earth. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in history, my childhood friend invited me to Taiwan. The move to Asia sounded dramatic, but my friend also ensured me that the people here were nice, the vegetarian food was abundant and the weather was pleasant year round. Everything turned out to be true, even the weather, which is hot and humid and great help while doing my daily yoga practice. It’s been great working for the past several years as an English teacher in a place where learning a foreign language is so highly valued.
Through my travels in South East Asia and India, I’ve seen how Taiwan has pulled ahead in this endeavor. In just a few generations of serious English education, Taiwan has been able to use language as a tool to connect with people beyond its own borders. Moreover, the Internet opens up ESL learners to a wealth of anglophone information and culture.
I believe that learning a language is a constant endeavor, even if it’s your mother tongue. In my free time, I also enjoy reading and writing fiction to keep enriching and expressing my own scope of English. With much enthusiasm and energy, I’m excited to provide ESL teaching at the highest standard a language institute in Taiwan can offer.
See you in class!


Jimmy DiBenedetto


Hi, my name’s James DiBenedetto but my friends call meJimmy. I’m from a city close to Chicago called Rockford. I originally came to Taiwan to learn Chinese but four years and a college degree later, I felt I would like to start teaching English as a career. Before I came to Taiwan I served an enlistment in the U.S. Air Force assigned to a communications squadron. I am proud of my service and love my country very much. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball and American football. I find teaching at Ace’s a real pleasure due to the high standard of excellence set for each student and a professional/no-nonsense approach to learning English.