Max Komlos


Originally from Canada, I came to Taiwan in 1995. A graduate of McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario), I stayed on with the university for several years after finishing my studies, under the employ of the Department of Physical Education. Prior to beginning my career as a teacher in Taiwan, I had taught English in South America as well as in Canada. I have always loved teaching and have found the role of a teacher to be extremely rewarding. Working at ACES has proven to be wonderful. Our staff and students are the BEST!


Jona Kraft


Hello. My name is Jona. I came to Taiwan in 2005 to find a life less ordinary. I stayed in Taiwan not only to learn Chinese, but also because I felt that Taiwan was a place that I could learn a wider variety of things and grow more as a person than I could back in Oregon. I attended the Oregon State University and studied Psychology and Communications, with a speciality in rhetoric. This helped me to find a passion about using speeches as a method of communication and persuasion. I started teaching as a substitute in Oregon for about six months, but found that it was not fulfilling enough, so I sought out broader horizons. Since being in Taiwan, I’ve found a love of learning and the ability to gain new experiences in every day life. I’ve studied in the language department at Fu Ren University for a year and have been a teacher for the full nine years I’ve lived in Taiwan. In my free time, I enjoy practicing various forms of kung fu, reading, writing, working with film, traveling and eating Taiwanese food, as well as occasionally trying to learn some Taiwanese. I look forward to seeing your face in the classroom.