Nic Fuzzell

我從2005年起就居住在亞洲,來台灣之前,我在中國大陸花了一年的時間教英語,同時學習中文及功夫。 我認為在ACES工作是個非常令人滿意的事業,並且幫助我成為一位更有影響力的教育者及更了解複雜的中華文化,我非常喜愛我現在做的事情,並且期待可以花更多精彩的日子在ACES。

I was raised in the Rocky Mountains in America’s wild northwest. I grew up hiking, camping, hunting, skiing, rock climbing, rafting and mountain biking. At the ripe age of 18, I attended the University of Idaho where I was a rock climbing coach and outdoor adventure guide. In my time there, I earned Bachelor’s degrees in Chinese and International Public Relations.
I’ve been living in Asia since 2005. I spent one year in Mainland China teaching English while studying Chinese and kung fu before making Taiwan my new home in 2006. Since that time, I’ve continued the same pursuits.
Working at ACES has been a very fulfilling career that has helped me to become a more effective educator and better understand the intricacies of Chinese culture. I greatly enjoy what I’m doing and look forward to spending many more enriching years here.